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Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a design and construction process that combines the manufacture of building components, ranging from wall systems, facades to complete buildings, in a safe, clean and efficient factory environment, with on-site construction assembly.

DfMA has the potential to deliver significant safety and sustainability outcomes and drive productivity and quality efficiencies that can benefit Government, industry and communities. It can reduce on-site construction time by up to 30% which benefits impact on live site environments such as hospitals and schools.

Donnelley Constructions has emerged as a leader in this method of construction with years of experience. Recent examples of DfMA projects:

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (PDF)

Cumberland West Mental Health PLR Relocation

Client: NSW Health Infrastructure
Value: $22,000,000
Dates: Jul 2019 to Nov 2020
Location: North Paramatta, NSW

This project required a permanent office block to be designed, off site fabricated and installed to house the Cumberland West Mental Health Head Office as the existing office space was being demolished. Walkways were also prefabricated and installed, linking this office space to the existing campus and associated structures. Using DfMA construction process reduced the impact on the very sensitive live environment at this mental health facility.

Maitland Hospital Enabling Works

Client: NSW Health Infrastructure
Value: $8,000,000
Dates:Nov 2017 to Dec 2018
Location: Maitland, NSW

This project included design and construction of a major project office to be utilised for the entirety of the construction of the new Maitland Hospital. Options were considered with the Principal, to construct the building onsite or implement the DfMA process. Due to the benefits in time, budget, safety and site security the office building was totally prefabricated off site.

Gosford Hospital Redevelopment Stage 3

Client: NSW Health Infrastructure
Value: $28,000,000
Dates: Sep 2016 to Jun 2017
Location: Gosford, NSW

These works included the full design, off-site fabrication, on-site installation and internal fit-out of demountable buildings for office space within the Library and Research departments. After onsite installation of the buildings, excavation works and associated inground services reticulation were completed. This process reduced onsite construction time significantly which assisted in ensuring all services remained unaffected throughout the entirety of the major works.

Nepean Hospital Gateway Clinic

Client: Sydney West Area Health Services
Value: $2,500,000
Dates: July 2009 to Apr 2010
Location: Penrith, NSW

This project contained the full design, user group interface, off site fabrication, delivery and installation onsite together with the site-specific services and linkway infrastructures. This all culminating in a fully commissioned and operational new Hospital unit, with minimum disruption to the existing operations of the Hospital and a reduced onsite time presence.