Donnelley Constructions

Redevelopment of the John Maddison Tower and Downing Centre

Location:  Levels 10, 11 and 12, 88 Goulburn Street, Sydney
Value:  $5,600,000
Start date:  15/05/2011
End date:  21/11/2012

John Maddison Tower

In an exercise of versatility, Donnelley Constructions was engaged by the Department of Justice and Attorney General to undertake the complex task of demolition and redevelopment within these two iconic buildings.

The scope of works included reconstruction of 7 courtrooms, hearing rooms, judge’s chambers, member’s area, general office space and amenity areas.

Deliveries and certain works were handled outside of court hours to prevent disruption to daily operations, and all relative security measures were met with compliance. Donnelley revelled in the opportunity to showcase their capabilities in a new construction sector.